Saturday, August 6, 2011

Estee Lauder Makeup Review : Untamed Violet Eye Liner

Hello Lovelies~

 A few weeks back I attended the Younkers Summer Makeup Trend Event and though I didn't get pictures of the event itself, I did post pictures of my makeup afterwards. Well, while I was at the Event, I purchased the eyeliner that is fast becoming my 'Go To' liner.

It is called 'Untamed Violet' and I just love how it wears.

This is the packaging. Its a simple and clean design that is they same deep purple color of the liner. It made me feel so sophisticated when I bought it. It was my first makeup counter purchase. Most of my other good make up has been gifted to me.

Here it is out of it's packaging. It has a smudgier at the bottom of the stick which I really liked. This feature saved me the money I would've spent on getting a separate smudge brush. It was very thoughtful of the company.

I smudged the color at the top so you could see the dark boldness verses the blended softer way of wearing this product. 

 (Please ignore the bathroom pictures.....sadly it has the best lighting in my entire house. I'm working on getting lamps or something...)

The eyeliner goes on like silk. It's a smooth solid cream that stays in place and so far, I have had no problems with it catching or skipping on the skin. So I don't have to go over the same line three times.

 Above is a picture of the liner worn and lightly smudged. eyes look green in this picture. Strange.

This is a Double Wear Liner. So Even after a long day in the heat, it will still be in place. Soap and water will not be enough to remove this color, so please use an eye make up remover specifically designed for eyes. Regular make up remover will do alright, but it'll take longer to remove.

So in conclusion, would I recommend it to others? Yes! Go get this color! It is perfect with any outfit.

 Don't have an Estee Lauder counter close to you? Let me know and I would be happy to provide a shopping service for it. This eyeliner is something every girl should have in her makeup bag.

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amanda riley said...

Your post makes me WANT this liner! How much was it? Did you see it in an emerald green? I am all out of my favorite green Oz liner from the Love + Happiness kit at Bare Escentuals. I need a replacement. Great post Kat! Thanx.

xoxo Mandi


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