Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joy in the Mail!

Hello Lovelies~

          I have been slowly paying off a new dress for ILD and last Friday I paid the last payment and look what was on my doorstep the other day!!!

Isn't it wonderful? I quickly opened it and was shocked to find that the sender had sent it in the original bag!

<--- See, original bag!
I could hardly contain my excitement, and to be honest... I didn't try to hard, and quickly pulled out the bag to open it.
Having always been one to read the card first, I pulled out the manila envelope first and was pleased to see an assortment of bows and the waist ties that accompanied the dress. There were even small bows to go in my hair, which made life rock!
 I love wearing my hair in pigtails and small bows make that style ten times cuter.
I also received the matching Headbow for the dress. So I have tons of ways to style this outfit, not just one.
So now, a picture of the dress being worn....
 This is a fully Shirred JSK from Metamorphose. It is cream and has a super cute depiction of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale around it. 
 I tried to get a good picture of the print, the the only good picture I could get was while it was being worn, and it's odd, but I'm going to show it to you anyways and hope you can see the print well. 
Odd angle....with a strange glare. But the print is see able!
 So for $160 I got a Brand dress that fits well. The Matching Headbow. An assortment of bows to place one the dress any way I want. Small hair bows. The waist ties. and the original bag is was bought in....
Now bad for buying off the EGL Sales Comm.
What are you lovely ladies planning for International Lolita Day? Let me know what you're planning on wearing!

1 comment:

Pandy said...

Well, I don't have any brand, but I'm wearing my nicest dress, my new swiss dot tights and ballet flats :)

Plus an Alice bow I made myself!


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