Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall into Fashion...

Hello Lovelies~

It's October. It's cold. And it's the middle of Autumn. But besides all of that, Some Brands are still slow in releasing their 'Fall' collections, Metamorphose for one and IW for another.

I have been really disappointed with Meta so far this year, but despite that, I am being increasingly pleased with Innocent World and their simple approach to the season.

They aren't shoving border prints in out faces as Angelic Pretty and Baby have been, so I feel they tend to get over looked in the communities' sugar crash after the past year's Over The Top craze. As the community shakes off the past years indulgences and sees their closets with unglazed eyes for the first time in so many months, a calm has settled over the masses and a 'Back to basics' thought process is emerging.

Sweet Lolitas are staying true to their nature and looking for sweet clothing that doesn't give them cavities and luckily they have a place to turn.

So far this season, IW has given us prints such as...

The Rose and Little Brid Jumpper in both Short and Long Lengths.

The picture above is the Short version in the Pink and Beige coloring. Below is a picture of just the print, though it is in the Navy and Beige colors.

This dress is good for Sweet girls as well as Classic ladies and works well in the Fall and Spring.

If border prints are more your thing, this next dress may be for you. It's called ...

Night Bear Jumperskirt

Only available in one length, this gentle dress is shirred in the back to allow for multiple shapes and sizes. But what it lacks in length, It makes up for in color choices. Pink, Black, and Chocolate are three of the main color palates for IW and even as I wish for more options, I respect the integrity this brand has for developing quality products with three or so colors to choose from rather than quantity.

But enough with my mini rant, on to the picture...

Sweet, simple, and my teeth are in no danger of rotting out as I look at the dress. This is a dress for Sweet Lolitas, so I wouldn't recommend it for girls with a more classic feel. No matter the color, it is still very Classic Sweet, on more of the sweet side, and even though it was released for Fall, I deem this more of a spring look unless you order the Chocolate color, then it's an all year dress.

As you can see, this border depicts classically penned teddy bears engaging in a variety of playful antics before bed. It's a super cute Jumper that would add a splash of classic to any wardrobe.

Prints not your thing? Jumpers to Sweet for you? Want more classic than the Classic sweet can provide this Fall and Winter? Innocent World has that covered as well!

The Antique Stripe Collection might be just what you're looking for.

Made up of two pieces, this outfit is the beautiful blend of a high waisted skirt and a bustier style top, along with any shirt you decide to match with it. Each piece of this set is styled with two rows of aged buttons fastened down the front of the garments.

As seen in the above pictures, this outfit is offered in two different colors. Navy and Chocolate. It's the perfect choice for any Classic Loli looking for the edge of Military, or Prim school girl to add to her wardrobe.

I feel this is mostly a fall look and can be worn well anywhere from the first day of September all the way to February. But after that, it's just to dark for the changing seasons.

I hope you liked the styles I've shown you where and go look into this widely known, but under appreciated brand. I hope I've inspired you to add a touch of classic to the sweet in your life.

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