Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful.......

Hello Lovelies~

Today I awoke to discover a beautiful day! Sunshine, trees rustling, a bird chirping...or what I assume was chirping as I couldn't actually hear it, only see it open and close it's beak occasionally... A perfectly nice day right? Wrong! Oh how wrong I was!

I went outside to discover my beautiful warm day was bitterly cold and the wind was only making it worse! I really wanted to cry when I realized summer was truly gone and Fall seems to be passing right by to give away to ol' Jack Frost. He'll be nipping at our Petticoats faster than one might think, so it's time to morn the loss of our thin cotton jummpers that we were happily wearing without shirts and four underskirts and start pulling out the layers.

As Lolitas, we don't really mind wearing more clothes, it's a pretty accepted fact, but maybe this year you're looking at the Over The Top stylings of last year and longing for a change, well ladies and gents, this is the time!

This is the time to sell, trade, beg, barrow, and prepare for a new winter. I know I'm going for a Classic Hime feel this year. Corduroy Dresses, Velvet Skirts, Heavy Wool Coats, and Tights are in my future, but maybe that's not for you...

Are you going Gothic? Maybe a good starting point would be a black hooded cape with fur edging. Or a good pair of sturdy boots. Going Sweet? Earmuffs with bunny ears are always cute. How about a simple Classic style for holiday gatherings with family. For this I recommend A-lines and wool along with Velvet accessories and rose motifs.

But no matter what look you're going for this year, Remember to have fun with it and that you don't have to get rid of everything in your closet. A lot of pieces transition from style to style.

Look on the Live Journal EGL Sales Community for good deals and don't forget that it's never to early to pick up that certain Dream Dress for next spring ^_~

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