Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Aniversery Tokyo Rebel!

Hello Lovelies!

Can any one believe it's been a year since Tokyo Rebel opened their doors to the public? It's crazy! I've never ordered from them before, but I want to. I always see pretty things that I just can't stand not having.

I finally have the ability to order from them and do you know what I'm going to get? Why the AP designed tote bag of course! So's so simple and yet sweet at the same time, perfect for me. Check it out!

This beautiful black bag is light weight and durable. Perfect for any Lolita on the go whether they use it for their Loli emergency kit in their car, or for a carry all when staying with friends over night. Personally, I think I'd use it for my art supplies when I'm at cons. I need a cuter way to carry everything without looking like a bumbling middle-schooler without a locker...again.

 This less than Over The Top bag is selling for $20, not including shipping and for that very reasonable price. I think I'll get two ^_~.

You can find this very cute item Here . Go! Get one for yourself and send me a picture of what you use it for ^_^

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