Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's to short!!!!!! Now what?

When making your own clothes, my dear readers, the rule is 'Measure twice, Cut once.'. An easy enough rule to follow and please never forget to give yourself an extra inch or two for the 'oops' moments in life we all tend to have.

But when you've finished you new skirt or dress and come to realize that those two extra inches disappeared and your 21in. skirt is now 19in., what do you do?

Seeing as you might be able to tell this just happened to me, I'd discovered a few helpful ways to handle this problem and I'm going to share them with you.

Solution 1: Sew long lace or a longer ruffle around the bottom of the hem.

With this, the skirt gets a cute flounce and you get back those inched you accidentally misplaced.

Solution 2: Wear long bloomers underneath your skirts and petticoats.

With this option, your knees are covered and you get to show off a piece of you wardrobe that isn't often seen by others that aren't you. This solution has a rule to it though.

If your skirt is shorter than four inches, do not attempt the long bloomers. After four inches is looks silly and you should just proceed to the next option.

Solution 3: Rock it like you mean it!

This is exactly what it says, rock the short lolita skirt. In the last two years, Brands like Metamorphose and Innocent World have been releasing two or, in Innocent World's case, three different lengths to their skirts, one of which is a 'mini' length, though you won't see this in IW as often as you will in Meta or even Angelic Pretty.

The 'mini' length is usually two or three, sometimes four, inches above the knee and they are made to show off the lower strip of thigh before the socks start.

I hope these tips help you though the 'oops' and 'well hell's we all deal with when it comes to fashioning our own clothes. Good Luck!

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