Monday, October 5, 2009

A little to loose....

The time of year has come where sweets start becoming more of our daily eating routine rather than treats. And that my dear is how the upcoming holidays play their tricks on you.

My mother has noticed her clothes getting a bit tighter, so we tracked down a scale at Walmart and for the first time in about 12 years, we are now the proud owner of a little black box of judgement.

I hate checking my weight, to be honest, but since we have it, I decided to give in to the peer pressure and stepped on the small black square. I was horrified to actually see the numbers I had been avoiding for so long.

Now, I hold my weight well, one would never suspect my numbers, but now that I know them something needs to be done.

I'd like to talk about easy ways to both gain and loose the few extra pounds that seem to stick to us like glue.

Let's talk cake! I know we all love it and some of us, namely me, just can't seem to resist that extra slice of sweet fluff! During a season that is practically shoving cake recipes and whipped desserts into your hands and onto your plate, what is a girl to do?

First, we learn to say no! Well....maybe , No thank you, may be more appropriate, but still, there is nothing wrong with resisting that second helping you just 'have to try!'. Next, opt for fruit if you can. A bowl of strawberries can be just as satisfying as a large wedge of Aunt Celia's Double Chocolate Death Cake. For a little extra fun, lightly dust the berries in sugar or the substitute of your choice and a little dollop of sweet cream.

Next let's discuss the weather. If all of us are honest with ourselves, we tend to stay in more in the winter due to the cold. Thus we put on weight just because of our inactivity! I know it seems like Jack Frost has ruined your fun, but cheer up!

Winter is the perfect time to put on your favorite coat, mittens, hat, and ear muffs to go sledding, ice skating, or even caroling! You'd be surprised how much exercise you can get by just walking around your neighborhood and singing. Plus, this is the one time of year that you are aloud to sing loud and proud and not get in trouble. In fact, some people even give you treats! the treats may not help you loose weight, but if you've ever caroled and been offered a box of Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolates, you tend to forgive that extra pound that comes along with it.

Just Add Water!

I know, everyone says it, but it's true. You don't need to down eight glasses a day, but at least two to start with would be good. With all the tea and hot coco we'll ingest shouldn't we have something cool and clear, something that allows our taste buds to reset? You'd be surprised what adding those two glasses a day will do for your body.

There are plenty of other ideas, such as shopping! Who hasn't lost three pounds on black Friday? It's like combining Boxing, Slam dancing, and the 500 meter dash into one activity. Or what about going to play Lazer tag in the brightest colors you can find in your closet?

Remember that eating isn't the only fun thing to do this season!

By the way, just on a small little off note, I've done the Lazer Tag Idea. It was so much fun and I ran around a lot more due to the fact that everyone could see me. I really recommend trying it out.

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