Friday, October 2, 2009

One is silver and the other gold....

It happens every winter. I look at my multi colored pastel wardrobe and think, 'Can I possibly shove one more skirt in here?'. The sad answer to my query is No. So, with tears in my eyes and a dirge in my heart, I begin the process of saying goodbye to some to say hello to others.

October is here my dears. it's time to go to your closets, decide what you'd like to carry over into the new year and clean out the pieces you know you have no problem giving up.

Why so early, you ask? Why now and not December? The answer is simple.

Our favorite stores and designers have been hard at work over the summer while we were out frolicking around in the warm sun. They are now releasing their darker colored creations so that we, their targeted audience, can 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' and spend more money than we intended.

Our money well spent deserves a proud place in our closets, but if it's to full, that simply won't be possible.

Keeping clothes is ok, but it's ok to let go. There are plenty of communities on-line that you can sell your choices at. I know mine will be going to wonderful homes to be well loved and cared for.

Personally, I like to sell to girls that are just starting out and include a small letter that tells the life of the piece they have just bought. The letter talks about what it meant to me and what I hope it means to them. I encourage them to not be afraid of actually wearing the dress or skirt and remind them that it is only a piece of clothing.

I hope your coming months are filled with Beautiful feelings and beautiful clothes.

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