Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change, They name is not...

I consider myself a well rounded Lolita. I love everything from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, to Innocent World. I'll admit, my eyes are drawn to the more vibrant and sweet colors of Metamorphose and Angelic Pretty rather than Juliette Justine and Pina Sweet Collection, but In my fight to stay equal opportunity, I happened to come across a dusty link in the back of my favorites folder.

What was it you ask? Non other than the wonderfully exquisite Mary Magdalene!

'How Exciting!' I thought to myself. 'Just the feeling I wanted for Thanksgiving with my family!'

Well, I double clicked it as fast as I could, practically vibrating with pent up joy to lay eyes on the most elegant of classic fashion lines. In the short few moments I had to wonder about the newest classic looks, my mind raced and my heart pounded. But when the page loaded I wasn't just let down, I was dropped six stories.

Not only had Mary Magdalene's site not changed in the past two years, but neither had their clothes! Same colors. Same cut. It was like a smack to the face, not just a blast from the past.

I still feel as if this line is the most elegant of the classic lolita lines, but In the world of fashion either you evolve or you die. I fear Mary Magdalene has gone still in the water. And in this Over The Top market, it is of my opinion that this particular line has lost it's edge, beautiful though that edge still may be.

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