Friday, September 25, 2009

Fawning over Fawns

Band wagons have never been my thing, but has anyone else fallen in love with the new winter trend of Fawn fur?

Angelic Petty with their new coats, Innocent World, Vicotrian Maiden, if I'm not mistaken. These are all brands I'm not really all that into, but recently I've found myself checking their sites twice a week in hopes of seeing more of this adorable print.

Fawns remind me of fairy tales and magical forests, maidens so pure wild animals become docile and approach them in hopes that they might soak up some of that raident beauty.

I recently, over the summer, bought myself a 'Bambi' tote bag. I have carried this with me for the past six moths of so and was laughing to myself the other day when I realized the winter trends.

I'm hoping to find some false fur at JoAnn's next time I go. I'd love a Fawn muff this year ^_^

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