Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello Lovelies~

 This year, as well as resolving to blog more and take more pictures, I decided I wanted to try more Asian snacks. Most people that are into Anime and Japanese culture flock to the well known stuff like Pocky, Yan Yan, Hi-Chew, Ramune, or Hello Panda and while all of these are addicting and delicious, there is so much more out there!

Here in Omaha, we have a few really good Asian Markets and while shopping around I came across lots of my favorites and lots of new things and normally, I'm reluctant to try new things. I enjoy the same thing because if I venture out and try something new and don't like it then I've spent money on something I could've spent on something I know I like.

 I know I'm not the only one out there like that and I know there are others out there without the access I have to different Asian options and they might never know the amazing yummy options available to them. So this year I want to do a segment called 'Treats', in which I'll talk about new and or favorite treats that I'm trying and I'll even be doing giveaways for some of them so that all of ya'll can have the option to experience the yummy-ness as well ^_^

For my first 'Treats' post, I'll be talking about a Korean sweet potato chip!

I am currently munching these addicting little chrunchies and let me tell you....I think I've found my new favorite snack food.

 I'm not sure if they are officially Sweet Potato chips. But they are fluffy, crunchy, and sweet, tasting both like Sweet Potatoes and Honey, and just a hit of Sesame, so all in all, it's a delicious treat for less than $3.

And for about 136 calories a serving if you count that sort of thing, it's more satisfying than a small bag of Kellogg's cookies or brownie bites or any other '100 Calorie' type snack that just leaves you pissed off and hungry five minuets later.

 I rate these a 10 out of YES I'LL GET THEM AGAIN!!!!  

Lol ^_^  

Thanks for reading~ !

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