Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas ~ 2014

Merry Christmas Lovelies~

 Whether you celebrate the birth of Christ or Yule, or just exchange presents in the spirit of giving gifts, I hope your holiday was full of smiles and joy.

Christmas is a time of magic and the New Year is right around the corner, so I'll be doing my yearly 'Goals' post soon.

 But for now I wanted to share with you the gifts I received!

First, Stocking stuff!

 Yan yan, Lollipops shaped like stars, a rose essence face mask, and Look! A Giant Hello Kitty Candy Cane!!!!!!

I shared a stocking with my lovely friend Jenee and she received a face mask, pistachios, and some Hello Kitty candy as well.

We must have been very good girls this year, because we got AWESOME stocking treats!

I was NOT photo ready today at all and I was taking pictures with my web cam, so the following are neither the best, nor the worst pictures I've ever taken ^_^

Tiny Toothless! I love 'How to Tame Your Dragon' and was so excited to get this!

OMG! HARLEY QUINN PAJAMA PANTS!!!!!!!!! Harley is my favorite DC Villainess and my wonderful Friend Jenee of JunkyAlchemy and her Captain got them for me ^_^

 Best Room Wear ever!

From my friend Brie, I received a small Fox toy, because she knows I LOVE foxes....

And you can't see it here, but the DVD is the new 'Godzilla'! (Thanks Brie!!!)

New hand lotion! It smells sweet and soft. But it's from Walmart  and was $.99 cents, so it's mostly Alcohol based and evaporates quickly while drying out the hands. Sad....but I love the smell!

Tamagatchi figurine to go along with my new Tamagatchi, which I will do a separate post about. I am all about Butterflies right now, Butterflies and Foxes, so this made me squee a bit.

When moving this year, it came to my attention that I have NO empty sketch books, so Santa must have heard my pleas when he brought this for me.

And what's a holiday without Beef Jerky? It was so good!!!! This is now my favorite Jerky if I can't get any in the Teriyaki flavor.

I hope ya'll had an AWESOME holiday!

Thanks for reading and for staying with me despite the LONG absence. I think I'll have one more post before the New Year, but if not, I'll see all of you in 2015~!



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