Thursday, August 28, 2014

Design an Outfit : Fandom Theme

Hello Lovelies~

 It's been awhile since I last updated and let me just tell you, the month of August has SUCKED! But it's almost over and I'm on my feet again and I'm ready to start interacting with the world again. And how better to jump back in than with a 'Design an Outfit'?

This time I thought I'd go a bit 'In the Box' so to say and when I think of boxes, they are always Blue ^_^ So this month's DaO is Doctor Who themed~!

And what better way to show a bit of fandom love than to create a T.A.R.D.I.S. look?

 We'll start with the dress~

Excuse the blurry picture. I wasn't able to save the picture from the website, couldn't find it anywhere else, and I had to get creative.

 You can fin the dress, HERE on Modcloth. com.

I chose this dress because of the spot on colors. It's not white window boxes by any means, but it is the start to a good over all look. Especially the double striped of white on the top and bottom. This dress goes all the way up to a 4X so anyone who wants to recreate this outfit for themselves will be able to with no problems ^_^

 Because it's Doctor Who, what would this outfit be without a bit of Space? So I liked the idea of Galaxy tights.

    I found these images on Google Images, so I won't be adding a link to them in specific. There are so many different prints and styles of Galaxy tights that it's very subjective. So add which ever style suits you best.

You could even DIY them for a bit of an extra personal touch to your outfit.

Taylor Yo has a really easy to follow 'Cosmic' tights tutorial. Check it out!

  Shoes next!

These were found on Etsy and SatansSlippers will make a custom set just for you. You get two designs, one on each shoe, for the quoted price, and then it's $10 extra for each added design.

Find them HERE. Another fun part about these shoes is that they remind me of Ten's shoes, which is why I went with them over Heels. It also keep the outfit wearable for everyone because there are some out there who are uncomfortable in the sky high heels I tend to gravitate towards.

 That is the VERY basic outfit, but this is like a cake with no icing! So let's decorate it up a bit.

This cute belt buckle can be found HERE. Hottopic is a great source for DW items. I'd add this to a pretty white leather belt to add definition to the waist if you're one for belts.

 This next one is interchangeable based on your doctor. But I'm a Nine/Ten girl, forever and always.

Etsy has lots of different styles of Doctor Who necklaces, but nothing is more classic than Bad Wolf. and this necklace reminds me of episode 4 where the T.A.R.D.I.S. is gratified. My only wish is that it were white, but oh well.

This necklace is from TheGeekStudio and can be obtained HERE!

 I leave the hair to you. I think a cute blue pill box hat would be fun, but they are hard to find. You could also go with a simple hair bow with a Doctor Who print or theme to round out everything for a head to toe feel.

And there you have it!

Thanks for reading!  

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