Sunday, July 6, 2014

Outfit post 7-5-14 and Style Swap with JunkyAlchemy (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I was invited over to play dress up with my friend from the wonderful blog JunkyAlchemy. I brought a few dresses to choose from and she did my makeup and hair. But before we even got to the dress up portion, I let her try on my dresses. She's never worn brand before and she's been loosing crazy amounts of weight lately so we dressed her up first and WOW~

So before I even show off my, I want to show her off. She's such a great friend and I was so happy that I got to experience her friend moments of Brand with her. She was so happy and emotional. We all have those feels the first time we wear our first Baby was so beautiful.

I love her so much! She is so cute!

 So here is the transformation. Me in PJs with no make up and my hair down to Super Fabulous Mermaid Princess!

Above ~ No makeup

Below~ BB Cream and Bronzer

Step one of the eyes done! Three steps to go O.O

The mascara we used was Too Faced's Size Queen. Look at that brush?! It was a wonderful mascara to blend the regular lashes and the false lashes together.   

 And now the eyes are done!

Hair half up and half down to show the difference. There is a short video that will be uploaded with a review of the hair spray we used in my hair. I really liked it!

And DONE! Three hours later! But there was a break for dinner in there as well.

I laughed when she pulled out the pearl tipped hair pins. Apparently she was very prepared for my hair and had ideas on what she wanted to do with my new Blue tipped hair. Oh yes. >.>....for those of you who already noticed and figured it out. I dyed my hair earlier this week. Just the tips, but I love it so much!

 Swimming is a Blast! I love seeing the blue floating around me. It's such an amazing feeling. Next is a mermaid tail and my life long dream of being a mermaid will be complete!

 Next we dressed Jenee up in my Black and Pink Baby dress and she looks so cute! Next time we get together I'll be doing her hair and makeup so look forward to that ^_^

We got a bit crazy with the poses, no me, I'm not that creating when posing, but she used a few new ones. Like the 'Up Up and Away' pose and the closely related 'Flamingo' pose!

 She even did a Grumpy Cat expression and a Sand Crab pose. It was so much fun taking pictures!

And then it was time to go home! I waited until 5 am to get ready for bed because I just wanted to bask in the awesome of my hair. But it had to come down and it looked really cute down too. I think I'm going to rock the twin tail look more often.

Thanks to Jenee for a wonderful day! check out her blog, HERE.

Thanks for reading!



JeneeNicole said...

I had such a blast. Love you! And I love that I can wear your dresses now. Muah ha ha~ <3

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute

Anonymous said...

You ladies are gorgeous! I love this! - Shannon <3

Elley Doll said...

Looks like you both had a lot of fun!
Love the eye make up! :) :)


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