Friday, December 7, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Week 11 : Lolita Inspirations

Hello Lovelies~

 It's Friday again!! LBC has thrown me a curve ball this week. We are to blog about our Lolita Inspirations. What inspires me as a's a hard question to answer. I am inspired by people, by concepts, but moments in time, so much goes into how I see me, that breaking it down will be hard, but I'll try.

When I first started out all those years ago I just wanted to wear pretty dresses and look on the outside as delicate and beautiful as I felt on the inside. I didn't start out with a Gothic Lolita Bible or with Kamikaze Girls like most of the time did. Instead I attended conventions and researched Brand Models and I knew then that I would end up merging this amazing style into my everyday life.

 The first person to really inspire me as a Lolita was Violet LeBeaux of Tales of Ingenue ....Wait...isn't she a Hime Gyaru? Yes, yes she is, but it's part of her life, she lives it all the time, not just the weekends and she started out as a Lolita. She made me want to craft, want to get into nail art, made me want to love the color pink again. She really inspired me to grow as a person and discover more about myself. For that I can never thank her enough and I am proud to call her my friend, even though we are so far apart. It's funny how technology can connect us.

The next person to inspire me was Victoria Suzanne of formally Lolita Charm. She not only inspired me as a Sweet Lolita, she inspired me as a blogger. She helped me see that in the 'Lolita Blog Boom', when everyone who wore a petticoat ~had to have~ a blog, she showed me that blogging was more than a fad. It was something that could help me express myself though the ups and downs of life and fashion. She helped me find my inner voice that until I started this blog, had only been expressed though Fanfiction.

 Aoki Misako is the final person I'll share with all of you that I draw inspiration from. She is a model for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Not only is she a wonderful model and consummate kawaii ambassador, and that is inspiring enough, but the way she inspires me is how many pictures she takes! That girl will snap six photos of her outfit before she leaves for the day and post all six on her blog. Three are the same picture with her feet sifted just slightly. I love it!~

She also always dresses to impress. Her nails are always done, her makeup always look right, her purse matches her shoes...and I myself tend to be a bit lazy and absent minded. I'll get completely dressed and walk out the door, only to realize later that my nail polish doesn't match anything I'm wearing and it's so chipped it's almost embarrassing. Miss. Misako inspires me to pay attention to the little things and remember that 'The Devil is in the Details', or The details are important and anything worth doing is worth doing thoroughly.

That is just a taste of what inspires me. I draw inspiration from history, from books, from art, from music, and maybe someday I'll tell you all about it. ^_^

 But for now, I hope the amazing people who have inspired me inspire you as well. I hope your world is filled with wonder and beauty.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you check out the other girls from LBC and see what inspires them.

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redtonic said...

I really liked reading and i was relieves that someone else found the theme to be quite hard to answer.
I do not relate to the two first girls very much and not even to Misako but I do appreciate how she seems so perfect for lolita, as if she was born to be one. I don't think i look like I did so i admire her for that.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Kim said...

Thanks for the links! it's so helpful, I'm new to lolita fashion :D I think I'll start with casual lolita mixed with gothic or classic. ehehe...


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