Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas DIY : Gift Tags

Hello Lovelies~

   I really enjoyed the tutorial I did the other day so I decided to do another one ^_^ This one is fun for those who scrapbook or like to collect pretty paper, or just don't want to spend $5 for a package of tag that happen to be Christmas themed.

I had these designs on hand, but scrapbooking paper about this size is only...say....$0.57 cents at your local craft shop regular price. Hit a good sale and the savings get pretty crazy ^_~

 Ok! So, what you'll need for this super easy project is :

- Three triangles of different sizes
- Decorative paper
- Glue
- Ribbon
- Flat back pearls (Optional)

First make your patterns. I cut the corners off of a piece of sketch paper, but if you have a ruler handy you can be more precise than I was.

       Then use your patterns to trace on the back of your pretty paper, then cute them out.  

            If you like, cut out a 'middle piece' in a different paper for a bit of contrast.

                                Stack them up, glue them down, and let them dry.

                                          Cut a bit of ribbon long enough to loop. 

                                               Then glue that down as well.

                       And you're done! You can now add any special messages you like!!

For an extra special touch you can add flat back pearls, rhinestones, and a pretty star on top. This turns the gift tag a bit fancier, but it sure makes it look cute!  

Thanks for reading this tutorial! Have a wonderful Holiday!!

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