Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun with Food

Hello Lovelies~

 Welcome to April! It's still so cold here in Nebraska, the weather man says it'll be 64 degrees and it starts's been a crazy spring. But all this wild weather has let me have more time to bake and try to heat my home with out turning on my heat because I think it's insane to pay the soul sucking prices when making a cake or cupcakes will warm the whole middle level, which is where I am for most of the time I'm awake anyways.

My favorite part of cupcakes, other than eating them is frosting them! So here are some pictures of the cupcakes I've been making lately.

 First the unfrosted chocolate ones! I love the heart tins I found around Valentines day. Aren't they cute?

My first attempt at using a can of spray icing. I really like the texture and it was so creamy!

Upside down picture!

This is my favorite! It looks like a blooming rose, I hated to eat it until I did it a second time. Now I have no problem making them ^_^ I know what I'm making for my next tea party!

Same cupcake from another angle....and yes, that is 'The Cape' on my T.V. Who doesn't love Summer Glau?

 Well there you have it, my cold day hobby. What do you do when it's to cold to do anything outside?

1 comment:

Mini Mo said...

Wow! This rose cupcake looks soooo delicious! And so realistic like a real rose :) Yummy!

I can't really do much when it's cold outside because I live in a flat where is cold inside too on the winter days, so the only thing I can do is to keep myself warm! :D


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