Thursday, December 17, 2009

Style Focus = Wa Lolita

Recently I have been thinking about doing something wild and different! Something normally undone!

'But you already dress in light blue frills and wear cakes and bows on your fingers. How much more different to you want to be??' You may ask, and you'd be right. I do wear light colors and heels in the snow, even though it's completely impractical, but I've never been one to be happy unless I am shoving at the envelope of fashion, so I've been exploring the normally untouched sub categories of my much loved life style.

One my friend has wanted to dive into is the sub category, Wa Lolita, which is a Japanese Kimono adaptation. I think this is a very beautiful, over looked corner stone of the Lolita community and I'd like to take this week to speak on behalf of a style that can't speak for itself.

When one thinks of Wa Lolita, one thinks of the traditional cupcake style skirt with a Kimono top and that's good for envelope pushing beginners, but for those of us that look at that mild rebellion and think, 'Sure, but what else is there while still following along the guidelines?', I present two other perfectly viable and rule acknowledging choices...

The Traditional Kimono, to the ankles and all, is accepted in this odd sub category. In general, simple silk or matching cotton ruffles are added to the edges and around the bottom of the clothing. Geta of varying heights are worn with the Wa style more than the previously mentioned cupcake style and the as yet unmentioned third option.

Choice three is Much like the dresses one is used to seeing. Jumper Skirts and OPs are made with traditional Kimono print fabric. Bold and whimsical with added lace and bows is exactly how one would describe this sub style look. You can see an example of this style at the beginning of this article.

Accessories for this style include Hair sticks, Draw string purses, Fans, Rice paper parasols, Kanzashi,the possibilities are endless!

I hope you have fun breaking out of the box Lolita's have created for themselves ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Wa lolita is so cute! :3 I made a wa lolita outfit once *u* I like this style too, with lolita shape but traditional fabric


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