Friday, October 18, 2013

October Inspirations!

Hello Lovelies~

 Over the past week I have been going though some pretty serious stuff in my life. I recently moved into a new place, my laptop's motherboard fried, and I quite my job. Add to that the convention I have coming up next month, and I am a bit frazzled. Sadly, blogging has taken a back seat to my crazy life for a bit, but I'm back and I have a few fun posts all ready to go!

Check back all this week and the following week, as I have a Loli friendly Halloween Costume all put together, a beauty product review, a recipe, and a makeup tutorial all lined up in my blogging que!

  But this post is all about My October Inspirations!

Who doesn't love this movie? I have always been in love with 'The Addams Family', Morticia is a style icon of mine and Wednesday always makes me smile.

Snow falling at night, with just a little bit of light to see each snowflake as it dances down to's a magical experience.

Tamagotchi!!!! This is the new Tamagotchi ID in pink, it's so cute! A friend of mine has it in purple and now I want one to play with as well.

I wish I were more inspired this month, like by make up or nail polish or something more interesting, but I'm not. It's been crazy and maybe next month will be more inspiring. 

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JeneeNicole said...

Our Tamas could frolic together~ <3


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