Monday, February 7, 2011

Falling and Still Looking Fabulous!

No one is perfect and no matter how hard we try, we are not porcelain dolls destined to sit on a self for all eternity. We run and jump and play and yes, we fall down.

 Just yesterday I went outside to clear my steps for the delivery man to get to me safely when I slid, not realizing the stairs were so slick. Turns out the snow from earlier in the morning had melted and turned to glass like ice in the evening.

Luckily I was facing backwards when I slipped and was able to catch myself on the door frame, but not before I'd damaged my leg. Now most people don't get hurt as easily as I do, but getting hurt is a part of life, so here are some tips to help you in a fashion where dainty perfection is strived for.

Most of these tips are common knowledge, but one never knows what can be helpful ^_^

 Area 1: The Legs

When I slid, I busied my foot, my ankle, and skinned half of my shin. Who knew Glass like ice could cause so much damage?!

 So to cover up the fact that my leg is a red and purple mess I am wearing above the knee socks with Ballet Flats. The shoes don't constrict the tops of my feet, or touch my ankles at all, and the socks are tick enough no to catch on the band-aid's and healing skin like nylon tights would.

When picking out socks to cover a scraped knee or cut on your legs, go for a darker colored option, like black or dark green, just in case. Whites, Creams, and even Light Pinks can show the color of the bandage from time to time and the point is to conceal, not just cover.

Area 2: The Arms and Hands

 Choose a length of sleeve that would best cover the injured area or wear a cardigan or cute hoodie that compliments your look.

If your hands are the hurt area, wear a pair of gloves. Luckily, with this fashion, no one looks at you to oddly if you are wearing Lace gloves.

Other Options

 Other options of course include cute band-aids with rainbows or Hello Kitty as a decoration. Fairy-Kei wearers might also like neon colored bandages.

Guro Lolita

 'But what about 'Guro-Lolita' ', you ask, well! Guro, or Grotesque would be a great look for when you're hurt, but this would be for more serious injuries like sprains or facial injuries make up can't hide.

For injuries that need to be wrapped in an ace bandage, wrap ribbon around the area and secure it in a small bow. The smaller the bow and the sorter the excess ribbon the better. For this, I also recommend a matte ribbon or using the back side of the satin ribbon if a non shiny ribbon cannot be found. Avoid grosgrain ribbon as it will not give the proper texture or appearance.

 For Arms in slings, fashion a white triangular sling that ties behind the head, like in the days of old, to hide the ugly blue sling, as I don't recommend using the simple white triangle style one as an actual sling.

ALWAYS think about doctors orders before styling your outfit. Do NOT take off a sling or not use crutches to make yourself look better. Your safety and health come first.

 I have a friend who recently hurt her eye in such a way she needed to wear an eye patch, which is almost a staple accessory for Guro Lolita's. I am in the works of making her something cute to go with her outfits.

 If you find yourself on crutches, there is nothing wrong with personalizing them, just be smart about it and avoid ribbons that hang down to long or things that get in the way of your ability to grip them properly.

I hope one or two of these tips help!

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