Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung and that means....

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pleased to announce that I am not dead and am in fact very well and good.

Life has been busy, but that is no excuse for neglecting the blog! So, to make up for it, I am planning a tutorial on simple headdresses for Next weeks post!

As for this post, I thought I'd show you the fabrics I am planning on turning into skirts for this lovely new year!

This is the newest fabric to my skirt collection. It's busy and really not for me, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, so I think I'll make a skirt out of it anyways.

This one is more me. Simple and Sweet and Lol not a color a lot of people can pull off, nor a color a lot of Lolita's even bother with, but I fell in love with it and I'll make it work. There was only 3 yards of this fabric, so when I make this skirt I'll be adding a bustle in the back.

Again, a different choice for me, but it was only a dollar a yard and it's so pretty! Again, this is only 3 yards, so it'll have a bustle as well.

And Ta Da! This one is actually a finished skirt, though it's folded at the sides so I could get a good picture of it. After loosing some weight I neglected to compensate for the mesument change and it is -way- to big! A couple of stiches will fix it right us though and I'll post the finished product soon ^_^

Hope ya'll liked the look into my late spring closet!

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